World Cup News: Ronaldo and Messi still seeking to win the World Cup title


Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have put up impressive numbers both in the field and in their real life after going into their fourth World Cup appearance to play their possible last chance in the international stage.

There are so many things happened ever since the 2014 tournament. Yes both of the teams has won at least one champions league title and had the trophy in their hands, they also score at least 200 more gals ever since the last World Cup. Even that incident Ronaldo was the captain of Portugal and resulted for them to win the 2016 European Championship.

According to Messi in an interview with Spanish sports daily marca.

“You start to see things differently, in another manner, and the truth is that becoming a father is most beautiful thing that has happened in my life.”

Then according to the Real Madrid forward about his family on a recent interview to Ronaldo with celebrity lifestyle magazine Hola.

“It has shown me things about love I never knew existed, it has softened me and given me new perspective on what is really important in life.”

This life changes made them more inspired and performed well on their previous matches Messi keeping the title of the Barcelona unbeaten until the title was won, and Neymar left the team. On the other hand Ronaldo was able to score Madrid’s first 10 champions League games all the way to fourth, against Liverpool on Saturday. Madrid also winning the previous three. (World Cup Fixtures updates here)

According to their social media following they post their moments and shared it to their fans with their wide reach for LeoMessi 91 million followers and 73 million for @Cristiano on Twitter.

Messi and Ronaldo has been in the football industry for so long but having a family turned them into a real men when there were occasion that their families need them they will find time to fix the situation and given that they have a tight schedule for the tournaments they still make time for their families and sometime miss out something in the tournament to attend to the needs of their own family.

Having said about this things they are now a mature and wise players of the world cup having more motivations in their part it transformed them to be a better person of today to the team and to their family.

Being in Group B and D it will be tricky since its consisting of some powerhouse players as well.

For Group B; Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Iran and for Group D; Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria.

Both of them have wonderful performance across all the football games that they appeared in, in that case it puts them into a reputation of being a respected player of their generation. Still playing in the World Cup Russia 2018 they are eyeing to win the World Cup title because it will be a great prize for them having seen by their family to gain victory over all other nation.

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Photo Credit: DailyPost.NG