World Cup Highlights

World Cup Highlights: Why should you watch out for Brazil


World Cup Highlights

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As the day goes by we are having a fewer days to witness World Cup Russia 2018, we had some observations of some teams and suggest a reason why to follow and support them. With 24 days to the big event we are now looking at Brazil.

Brazil looking back at the past event they were being destroyed at their own home by Germany four years ago in the most spectacular way in the World Cup history, and for their fans it might just feel like yesterday, but for the players of Brazil it was soiled into their heart the feeling of defeat in their home land and resulted to a deep scar that they will bring during the Russia 2018. (Be updated on FIFA World Cup Update)

Acting coach Tite described that moment in the semi-finals was an embarrassment and said “a ghost… it’s present, people still talk about it, but the more you talk about it, the less this ghost disappears.”

The next event in their football journey somewhat helped their healing when they win against Die Mannschaff in Berlin with 1-0, resulted them to move forward.

Fliper Scolari was one of the force which helped Brazil to fight against Germans and although he did a great job finding a way have a collapse attack, defeat can’t be prevented.

Brazil was uncoordinated at that time, lacking cooperation and innovation, were being reliant to Neymar and having an unfortunate incident their ace who suffered a back injury in their quarter-final win against Colombia.

To drive out the embarrassing event gone to by Brazil also known as the Rio humiliation is to go all out in the World Cup Russia 2018 and this could greatly affect their previous performance and be able to gain the redemption they need to freshen their name and reputation.

Dunga took the spot from Scolari and for the first time in 19 years we witnessed him get the axe that lasted two years before elimination from the group stages of the Copa America.

Tite, who released the innovative players at his disposal and build Brazil to qualify with little noise. Playing carefully and fluid, with a style that is attractive they were the first country to qulify for Russia.

Six Premier league players have been included in the squad as follows Manchester City quartet Ederson, Danilo, Fernandinho and Gabriel Jesus, along with Chelsea’s Willian and Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino – with the likes of Philippe Coutinho, Marcelo, Casemiro, Thiago Silva and Roma keeper Allisson completing the powerhouse of Brazil.

Neymar is still included too of course, though he is playing for the Brazil. After the surgery took place he hasn’t played since February, it would be hard for him to go all-out during the match.

There’s a force and concentration to Tite’s Brazil that means they are good without Neymar, meaning that the pressure is going to the 26-year-old and might signify that his manager uses him with carefulness in the early group games.

They’re draw up in Group E alongside Switzerland, Serbia, and Costa Rica they will be battling for the knockout stage spot. And after that would anyone can compete against Brazil if they could win the group stage.

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