Video Assistant Referee to be used in the World Cup 2018



The football governing body has already voted and approved of the use of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in the summer’s World Cup 2018 to be held in Russia.

VAR has undergone various trials in some of domestic English cup games. It has also been used in Germany and Italy matches for trial (check out football betting odds).

The International Football Association Board (Ifab) unanimously approved its implementation permanently after a meeting held in Zurich last weekend.

Ifab is composed of world governing body Fifa and the Football Associations of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

In a statement of FIFA president Gianni Infantino: “As of today, video assistant refereeing is part of football.”

“We hope and encourage a favourable decision in this respect because we are very positive about VAR.”

One of the concerns over VAR is that those who are watching are uncertain about what is currently happening. However, Fifa addressed this and said that the machined is working on a system that will provide information to the “giant screen operators as well as broadcasters and commentators” about the reason and outcome of a review.

Head of Fifa football technology innovation said: “What is our idea (for the World Cup) is that after the final decision is taken by the referee on the pitch we would like to show in the stadium the selected replay that was used by the referee and VAR.”


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Photo Credit: Aninews

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