Video Assistant Referee technology to be utilized at the World Cup 2018



FIFA executive has already announced that in the coming World Cup 2018 in Russia, Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology is expected to be used.

The machine has been tested this season in some countries such as Italy, Germany, and England. And now it is expected to be included at the World Cup in Russia as stated by FIFA chief of commercial officer Philippe Le Floc’h.

In his statement, he said, “Definitely VAR will happen. It’s great to have technology in football because this is also a fair(ness) thing.”

Le Floc’h has also claimed that FIFA is currently under negotiations with potential sponsors for the technology ahead of the summer’s tournament (get the most competitive betting odds).

He added: “We are talking to various technological companies who are very interested with what we are doing on the technology side of things.”

However, the final say on whether VAR is approved for use will be determined by IFAB, football’s rule-making body, at their annual meeting on March 2.

According to reports circulating, theVAR has been used in 804 competitive matches and that decision accuracy is at 98.9 per cent.

The report also says there have been an average of fewer than five checks per match, and that 68.8 per cannot of matches have featured no review.

Replays are used when there is a ‘clear and obvious error’ involving goals, penalty awards, red cards, and mistaken identity (Sign Up on 12BET for Sportsbook updates).



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