Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi positive to win 2018 World Cup in Russia with Argentina


Lionel Messi



Despite of losing three straight finals in the biggest sports event in football, FC Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi is still optimistic that Argentina will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

According to Messi, they will be in good shape when the tournament starts next year as he admits that they’re still growing.

Going back, the Albiceleste almost missed the World Cup. Gladly, they won 3-1 against Ecuador in their final qualifier last October 11, 2017 (GMT +8) which led Argentina coach Jorge Sampaoli to say that football owes Messi a World Cup.

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old Argentine veteran expressed that their defeat in the 2014 World Cup to Germany are still not healed.

“It’s going to be there forever. I don’t know if they’re ever going to heal. We’re just going to have to live with it. The World Cup is a very happy memory and a bitter one too because of how it ended, how it all worked out. But it’s always going to be there.” Messi stated

However, Messi is happy that they got another chance to win the title.

“It was very important because missing out on the World Cup would have been a huge blow, firstly for the squad as a whole and then for me on a personal level. I don’t know how I would have taken it. The same goes for the people of Argentina. Failing to make Russia would have been an all-time low for the country.” Messi added

Moving forward, Argentina will be facing Croatia, Iceland and Nigeria in Group D of the upcoming World Cup.

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