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World Cup News, Borussia Dortmund’s Mario Gotze snub in World Cup could he come back at his best?


World Cup News

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All are curious where was Mario Gotze last Tuesday afternoon, is he training with his teammates, relaxing at home or just waiting for what coach Joachim Low had to say.

According to Low last march this year “He has unbelieveable potential and is a player I believe in,” “We have to help him work on it and use the next two months.” Four years ago a man told Gotze some words of encouragement  when coming off the bleachers in Brazil four years and added “you’re as good as Messi” during that time he earned a fourth star on his Germany’s shirt because of his extra-time goal.

The hero of Rio might not have a part in the fifth of July in Moscow because of not stepping in last weeks of the season to give Low – undoubtedly Low is having his trust on the current Dortmund player’s talents. Picking Gotze might be a great decision because he had the most minutes forward in qualifying his experience, yet choose missed out. Fans are all asking “Why?”

Reus having said to play beside with Gotze that its difficult to give a spot to himbecause of his 2017/2018 behavior, Reus is implying that the team would be okay without Gotze because they have someone to fill out his position like of Julian Brandt and Leroy Sane along with some usual propects such as Thomas Müller and Mesut Ozil.

According to Franz Beckenbauer in 2014 he claimed that there was “nobody better” than Götze and Marco Reus. Before Reus was wearing a famously branded shirt during the celebration on the pitch of Brazil, after that injury had an impact to him to discourage him to get World Cup winner’s medal. (Like this article get more updates at Win World Cup)

He made his way to come back, by returning to fitness and in keeping in the right shape, but then been injured again, and following this scenario its set to finally take part in the World Cup representing Germany.

26 year old Gotze has been competing for ages, made his debut at the age of 17 way back 2009/2010, this experiences can help him reconstruct his career, image and confidence as this was the thing we wants to do as of the moment.

2013 his transferred to Bayern Munich which gave him a big opportunity to take off with his career. Impressive, scorching, and eye-catching playing alongside with the high level, he brilliantly blend in and had a nice performance with Shinji Kagawa, Lucas Barrios and Robert Lewandowski, sharing the spotlight with them or taking it most of the time.

Gotze freely said that, “Nowadays I wouldn’t make the same choice again! “when being asked about the thought of being remorse on his choices to join Bayern, but then he added to his statement”If I am to return to my hometown club, I want to try to win everyone over – especially those who do not welcome me back with open arms – with my performances,” and ended with “My objective is to get back to playing my best football. For all of us, the club and the BVB fans.”as his final words.

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