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World Cup Matches Without Italy Will Be Like Having Pizza Without Cheese


Back on November 13 at the San Siro, there was an image taken that captured an emotional player from the Italian Squad name Gianluigi Buffon, slowly mesmerizing and thinking about goodbye on his international soccer career, mirrored the despair and loss of faith which resulted to Italy not being able to qualify for the World Cup the first time in their six decades of being in the competition, after they lost the play off tie 0-1 on Sweden. Buffon had planned a perfect way to say goodbye to his career but ending not able to do it because of not being part of the World Cup 2018, he will be the first player to take part in six World Cups if they were still running in the completion but sadly that didn’t go through.

A World Cup without Italy is like a food that doesn’t have the complete ingredients to make it more interesting, it is much unexpected from the country that has been there for 6 decades, they should’ve push and made their team present in the upcoming tournament. The Azzuri hasn’t able to qualify for the World Cup just once because of missing out in1 1958. They did not take part in very first World Cup which happenend in 1930.

But over these years, they have a record of winning the crown four times and landed in runners-up twice, they also influenced the game and attract the audience with their unique school of football culture. They’ve been the slow starter that finds a way in surviving the tournament and having said that they are going far through the competition they are being firm and slowly turning into an unstoppable force and that gave them a unique identity. From their defending lineup through catenaccio (Giacinto Facchetti, Claudio Gentile, Franco Baresi and Paolo Maldini to name some of its world-class exponents) being able to give birth to some of the most cerebral players like Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero and Andrea Pirlo, playing the front line for the team having a paradox teams for the World Cup.

A paradox which inhibits a winning formula of uniqueness that very few teams have possess in the recent World Cup tournaments in the past. Italy’s World Cup Triumph in 2006 was the extended end of the cycle of their golden age in 1990s. The next World Cup was very unfortunate for them because they got eliminated without winning a single game. (World Cup Promotion)

Last November they survived earlier stage of the games but for the qualifier game they were not able to defeat Milan for the spot in the World Cup Russia 2018. The main problem is that Azzurri has stopped in finding and assembling players that would be the next Generation of their pioneer to withstand the upcoming challenges in the football industry, thus this is also the reason why they were defeated and having experience players isn’t enough for them, they must have new bloods in their squad to spice up the game and might add something significant and be the key for their success. The absence of their stars that had their home grown talent from Italy was sadly a setback for them, that’s why in the next qualifying match they should prepare and strategize well for their line up in able to qualify again for World Cup.

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