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World Cup Highlights: World cup group draws can turn friends into foes


World Cup Highlights

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Players  spend their time in preparation for the World Cup which includes training, travelling and playing with their teammates to improve teamwork and coordination, but if they’re will be wearing the shirt of the opponent at the tournament, there will be a chances of broken ties and friends might turn into enemies.

Here’s three of the powerhouse player teammate versus teammate that will be opposing each other on the upcoming tournament.


On the 15th of June this year there will be a battle against Portugal and Spain which is the current Euro holders. This matchup is also significant because the fans will be seeing two of the sport’s most admired and controversial players in Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo as forward and Sergio Ramos of Spain as a defender. While they are two of the most skilled players, they have a strong background on winning there are still many critics equal to their admirers.


According to Ramos on Spanish TV network TVE last summer “Nothing has ever happened between [Ronaldo] and me, There has always been a great friendship between us. We have a lot of personality and have some different opinions, but we’re pulling in the same direction.”


The coming World Cup will be the fourth time for Ronaldo to showcase his talent at the age of 33, it might be his last chance to grab great prize that stopped him in a career. Another possible title could be available during the Real plays Liverpool in this Season’s Chamipons Final at the end of the month.


Being part of the Spain squad that defeated Netherlands in the 2014 World Cup, Ramos has an impressive background at the age of 32 with quite some trophy haul. If given the chance to win a second World Cup trophy Ramos would be a living legacy of being one of the greatest defenders during his generations and would leave a large to the people.

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Ronaldo has been opposing Spain in four events, against Spain he is 2-2, the 3 latter events Ramos joined Spain and being their opponent for he has a score of 1-2 against Ramos.  There latest battle occurred in the semi-finals of Euro 2012. The manager of Portugal Paulo Bento chose a difficult decision in using Ronaldo as a penalty and their team fell to 3-2 in favor to Spain with Ramos taking in a point using his spot kick.


Have some insights of who will win the World Cup.


Ronaldo has a long journey on the football industry and having some ups and downs of winning and losing the idea of revenge will be always be on his mind. This tournament will be result to one champion only so it will be a great game if either of their team won the competition because they will not be meeting on the finals due to the early matchups on group draw. Both of their teams are strong so it will be battle of strength and experience one will stand out.


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