Thomas Muller

FIFA World Cup Update: 3 Players who can win possibly win the Golden Boot


For every football kid scoring a goal in the world cup is such an accomplishment buy in the World Cup there are some awards that gives you honor and can make you a legend of the football history one of the awards is the Golden Boot. The Golden Boot is awarded to a player who is the leading goal scorer in the games in the World Cup, it is one of the most prestigious honors that can be awarded to a footballer.

Thomas Muller

His performance in the football tournaments was great having said that he is young, he has so much potential to develop. While on his 20’s he got the Golden Boot and shocked everyone during the South Africa 2010, that moment was one of the unexpected awards that was given but he showed that he is deserving for the award, and in his performance during the Brazil 2014, he inserted a lot of effort in winning the trophy with his squad, now returning to defend the crown of Brazil, he is really a contender for the Golden Boot this coming tournament. (World Cup Power Rankings)

Lionel Messi

Being one of the longest players playing for his team Messi knows that it might be his last chance to appear in the world cup as a player and his last chance to get the trophy. Messi started slow in the World Cup but then turned into a talented player who recently got the European Golden Shoe and being qualified as one of the most powerful goal scorer of his generation.


Neymear being injured during the Brazil 2014 created a lot of impact to the team and resulted bad for them. Battling for the championship in his own country was really a privilege but winning it is the best gift to your own country, on the upcoming Russia 2018 he was given the opportunity to settle his unfinished business to take home the championship as well as the Golden Boot. He is currently recovering from the injury and making sure that he is in 100% before the tournament.

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