Hector Moreno

Hector Moreno shares how they responded to the four keys to success in the coming World Cup Matches


World Cup Matches

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The tournament happening in Russia is near and looking good for Hector Moreno who just turned 30 this year. As a player who has been appearing in last two world cup finals there’s a strong chance that they’ll be coming back again at it and still dreaming together with his long-standing colleagues coming back for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

There is a challenge waiting for them because as drawn into a group that is a power house like Germany, Sweden and Korea Republic, El Tri will need to step up their game and need to be on top of it to go far at the tournament and appear on the Finals again. It is present to Moreno’s mind that they need pass through hard obstacles to move forward in the competition.

During an exclusive interview with FIFA.com, Moreno explains how their team responded to the vital factors in football to ensure that they will be achieving their dreams and be able to stay happy from the start till the end. (World Cup News)

On ambition Moreno stated that “Let’s be totally honest about this: my number one ambition is to be a world champion. Ask any player that question and they’ll give you the same answer, and I know my team-mates have got their minds set on that too. We’re going to Russia to win.

“Obviously, we’re aware that there are a lot of factors that dictate whether you achieve that goal or not, like luck, referees, and the opposition. Success, to my mind, would be to come home secure in the knowledge that the people closest to me are proud of me. I don’t know what the final result’s going to be, but I’ll be happy as long as I know that I’ve given my all for my country.”

While on preparation “Since Juan Carlos Osorio took over, we’ve prepared like never before and I’ve learned and improved a lot. Not only does he tell us what to do, but he’s also given us the tools to go out and make the best decisions. He’s doing everything he can to make us improve.

“When you go out to play now, you have a very clear plan in your head. Sometimes, it works out, but there are other times when the opposition comes into things, and we’ve lost a couple of warm-up matches along the way. That’s all part and parcel of the learning process, though, both for him and for us. You just have to turn the page and move on.

“And in that respect, we’ve also had the best possible back-up in this World Cup cycle. We’ve got a new physio and a mental coach. They’re little things, different things, and though they’re no guarantee that we’re going to become world champions, they’re definitely going to take us closer to that goal.”

According to Moreno “Mexican fans are very passionate and the country really cares about the national team. We know that and we understand it. The people who are around me and speak to me are generally positive and wish us the best. In the street and on social media, they almost always show me their support and wish us the best of luck for the World Cup.

“Obviously, there are always going to be people who don’t agree with things, but you take that as it comes and just let it go. You accept criticism when it comes, but in general, people want things to go really well for us.

“We also want to make them very happy because of other things that don’t have much to do with football, for everything we have to deal with in Mexico. It’s just a small, but important way, in which we can help our fans and families.”

He also added about togetherness “I’ve known most of my team-mates since we were very young and that’s really, really important. The core of the 2014 squad is still there, but we’ve got four years’ more experience now and we’ve all grown on a personal and professional level. We’ve all really kicked on and you can see that.

“I’ve got a family now and I’m settled in my everyday life, which helps me concentrate on my work and I approach it in the best possible way. That’s the case with most of us. Fortunately, we have balanced, settled personal lives.

“We’ve been through every possible experience in these last few years, and it’s all helped us grow, mature, learn, and come together much more as a group. We’re more united than ever and we’ve got a great group of players. There’s no question that’s going to be absolutely vital in Russia.”

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