Sepp Blatter

Former FIFA boss Sepp Blatter endorses Morocco as 2026 World Cup hosts


Sepp Blatter

Former president of FIFA Joseph “Sepp” Blatter has endorsed Morocco to be the 2026 FIFA World Cup hosts and said that he is not in favor of United States, Mexico, and Canada co-hosting the 2026 FIFA tournament.

The only time that World Cup has been staged in two different countries was back in 2002 when South Korea and Japan co-hosted the said event.

This season, considering that there will be more than 48 different teams—16 more than the usual, then co-hosting bids just make sense.

However, Blatter feels that Morocco would be the best option over the North America trio.

The 81-year-old Swiss who was banned due to financial misconduct expressed his support to Morocco with a tweet that said: “World Cup 2026: Co-Hosting rejected by FIFA after 2002 (also applied in 2010 and 2018). And now: Morocco would be the logical host! And it is time for Africa again! #Fifa #CAF #@FIFAWorldCup.”

Furthermore, it can also be recalled that in 2010, Nigeria wanted to co-host with nearby Benin, Ghana and Togo, but the former chief, Blatter said at the time that FIFA would not consider any future co-hosts except in “exceptional circumstances.” Another joint bid from Tunisia and Libya also was also declined.

The final decision on where and who will host the 2026 FIFA World Cup will be voted by all FIFA’s 211 member associations prior the summer’s World Cup which is expected to unfold at the annual congress in Moscow on June 13.


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