world cup matches

Entertainment coming your way in world cup matches from former Dutch Footballer Patrick Kluivert


world cup matches

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The former Dutch footballer who played as a striker for the following teams, AFC Ajax, FC Barcelona and the Netherlands national team, also a former coach and director of football for Paris Saint-Germain in France, Patrick Kluivert is getting ready to visit Russia 2018 to watch the matches.

From his fourth appearance at the World Cup as a player it has been two decades, and in his fourth year from serving as Louis van Gaal’s assistant at Brazil 2014.

He revealed during his trip to Argentina that his pretty relaxed about it because his country won’t be there. He added that he enjoys watching the best players who will battle to be on top of all other countries fighting to get trophy.

“But it’s always a pleasure for me and everyone else to watch the best players contesting a World Cup. We’re looking forward to some great matches, I think we’re going to see an entertaining World Cup with a lot of attacking football.” Kluviert stated with quite an optimistic voice.

He justified the most of the teams like Germany, Brazil, Spain and Argentina are going take aggression during the World Cup and their mindset is fixed on how to take down the opposing team and pass through the next round, and on the other hand the teams who aren’t on the top are doing the same thing because the people are not expecting much from them.

“Teams like Germany, Brazil, Spain and Argentina are going to attack because in their minds, the most important thing will be getting through to the next round. But the sides who aren’t under any pressure are also going to attack because they’ve got nothing to lose.” Kluviert Said.


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