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The stumbling blocks of intercultural communication cause bad effect of communication. There are two stumbling blocks I would like to describe. Language involves the use of structured words to convey a message. They are not easy to overcome in ourselves or to correct in others, even with the presentation of evidence I agree with Barna that language, non-verbal cues, and high anxiety, among others, are the major barriers to intercultural communication. Jan 15, 2018 · My major essay 2 topic was writing about stumbling blocks of intercultural communication. .These words vary from one culture to another Surname 1 Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Response Essay to “Intercultural Communication Stumbling Blocks In running my daily errands, I normally meet different people from different cultures who I may communicate in one way or another. There are five major stumbling blocks that affect intercultural communication, including the language of space, eye contact, the concept of time and cultural differences. I am usually in a dilemma on the way I should approach people of different cultures. They are nonverbal signs and symbols as misunderstanding the signs and symbols in different cultures or countries, and it is helping the …. Communication of people of differing cultures consist of. Each culture has its own major stumbling blocks in intercultural communication essay rules of personal space which can be a major stumbling block to effective intercultural communication Stereotypes are stumbling blocks for communicators because they interfere with objective viewing of stimuli - the sensitive search for cues to guide the imagination toward the other person's reality. fake progress report template

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